Over 500 extensive reports

Gain valuable insights into Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, and other services with exhaustive, preconfigured reports.

Microsoft 365 Management

Manage mailboxes, users, groups, and contacts effortlessly in bulk. Reset users' passwords and assign or remove licenses easily.

Advanced auditing and alerting

Track even the most granular user activities in your Microsoft 365 environment, and get notified instantly about critical activities and changes via email.

Real-time monitoring

Monitor the health and performance of Microsoft 365 features and endpoints around the clock, and receive instant email notifications upon service outages.

Microsoft 365 Content Search

Search for emails with personally identifiable information (PII), insider information, and malicious content with automated search schedules to ensure email security and compliance.

Help Desk Delegation

Create custom roles and delegate them to non-administrative users to reduce the workload of Microsoft 365 admins. Audit admin and technician activities with built-in reports.